Product Reviews

(1) CLEANSE THOROUGHLY, BUT GENTLY Try to skip wearing make-up whenever you can, to allow your skin to breathe. But when you do wear make-up, make sure that you remove it all with an oil-and-water product such as Nivea Double Effect

(1) TINTED MOISTURIZER I think that full-coverage foundation can look rather obvious in cold daylight, so I recommend a dewy tinted moisturizer for the winter months. This will warm your skin tone a little, while giving you extra protection from cold

Skin is like a canvas for make-up, and the smoother and more hydrated it is, the better make-up will sit on it. If you have a dry skin type, here are my top tips to ensure that your skin always

Here's a really gorgeous and glamorous gift idea for Christmas! This beautiful gold art deco style compact from Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty range contains two essentials for parties - a 'Meticulous Pressed Powder' (6g) with a cute little puff and a

Setting sprays are a must-have item in my kit, especially for weddings and other special occasions, because they extend the wear time of make-up for many hours and reduce the risk of the products melting and smudging. In addition to