Product Reviews

(1) SUPER FACIALIST 'PURE SENSITIVE SKIN RECOVERY DAY CREAM' (£14.99 for 75ml at Boots) This creamy, fragrance free moisturizer comes from one of my all-time favourite ranges for soothing sensitive skin. It contains probiotics, which help 'good' bacteria to thrive on

The period in the run-up to your wedding day can sometimes be quite stressful, and can wreak havoc with your skin in the form of breakouts. Here are my top three skincare tips to help keep your skin clear and

(1) TINTED MOISTURIZER I think that full-coverage foundation can look rather obvious in cold daylight, so I recommend a dewy tinted moisturizer for the winter months. This will warm your skin tone a little, while giving you extra protection from cold

  The period in the run-up to getting married is such an exciting time, but all that rushing around and planning can cause a lot of stress, which can in turn wreak havoc with your skin in the form of redness

  Here's a really gorgeous and glamorous gift idea for Christmas! This beautiful gold art deco style compact from Joan Collins' Timeless Beauty range contains two essentials for parties - a 'Meticulous Pressed Powder' (6g) with a cute little puff and a

Setting sprays are a must-have item in my kit, especially for weddings and other special occasions, because they extend the wear time of make-up for many hours and reduce the risk of the products melting and smudging. In addition to

I've recently been trying out some new products from Embryolisse, which the French pharmacy skincare brand very kindly sent me to try. Embryolisse is a cult brand particularly among fashion make-up artists, and is available online at Boots and selected pharmacies in