Three Fab Make-up Setting Sprays

Three Fab Make-up Setting Sprays

Setting sprays are a must-have item in my kit, especially for weddings and other special occasions, because they extend the wear time of make-up for many hours and reduce the risk of the products melting and smudging. In addition to locking in make-up, many setting sprays these days have some skin care benefits, and can be used to refresh your face throughout the day.

You can use setting sprays before make-up if you have particularly oily skin, but I think a mattifying primer (such as Becca Ever-Matte) will do a better job for you. In any case, I generally always use setting sprays after I’ve applied the client’s make-up.

The best way to apply them is to shake well (if needed), and then to spray at arm’s length above your head, so that a fine mist falls down upon your face – make sure you keep your eyes and mouth closed until it dries! I usually do this a couple of times, to ensure that the whole face is covered evenly.

I’m a big fan of Urban Decay’s All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray, but lately I’ve been trying out a few other options and these three have impressed me the most:



The cruelty free Californian brand offers a very good value option for those with combination to oily skin, as this oil-control mist really does help to lock make-up in place and to reduce shininess on the T-zone. It can also be used under make-up, to help keep skin matte.

These have very strong fragrances which you’ll either love or hate – I have the ‘Peach’ variety which I personally find quite sickly but the scent does evaporate, thankfully! I think I’ll order the ‘Green Tea’ one next time, as apparently it’s a subtler scent. These also contain colour and the second ingredient is alcohol, so I probably wouldn’t recommend these for everyday use, or if you have very dry or sensitive skin.



A much better option for drier or more sensitive skins, this contains an anti-pollution complex, microspheres to absorb excess oil, and aloe vera extract to hydrate and soothe. It’s particularly refreshing on summer holidays, or if you work in an air-conditioned office environment.

It comes in a beautiful red glass bottle and the fine mist is scented with rose and grapefruit so it is a typically luxurious Clarins experience, which is of course reflected in the high price!



Ideal for dry or mature skins, this milky mist really helps to lock make-up in place, and can also be used at any time of day as a soothing toner.

The packaging looks classy and elegant, it promises to add a PH balancing layer to the skin, and contains lots of skincare goodies including red algae, vitamin E, glycerine and hyaluronic acid, all of which really help to hydrate the skin. It also contains organic Damask rose water, which gives it a gorgeous powdery rose scent which I personally like.


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