How to choose and how to use mascara!

How to choose and how to use mascara!

Mascara is one of the most important aspects of any make-up look, as it lengthens, defines and volumizes the eyelashes and helps make the eyes look larger, brighter and more sparkly on camera.

When choosing a mascara, you first need to think about what your lashes need to make them look their best. For example, are they quite straight and need a mascara formula that provides some extra curl to help open up your eyes? Are your lashes quite thin, and need a mascara designed to boost their volume and thicken them up? Or do your lashes look rather short, and need a mascara that creates extra length to give more drama to your look?

After curling your lashes for about 10 seconds (or longer if you have very straight lashes) with a good eyelash curler, I recommend applying a thin coat of mascara, allowing it to dry a little, and then applying another thin coat. That way you get a more refined and less clumpy effect. I often use a spoolie (a clean mascara wand) to brush through clients’ lashes, to remove any clumps and to ensure that each lash is evenly coated with mascara.

Here are my honest thoughts on some mascaras that I have tried out lately:

‘Ciglione’ by Diego Dalla Palma (£17.50 at Look Fantastic) – This lash boosting mascara promises 100% more voluminous lashes, 95% longer lashes and 95% thicker lashes – quite a boast, but I found that it really does work and definitely gave me the look of having much fuller lashes! It didn’t flake or cause any irritation to my sensitive eyes. I’d never tried anything from this Italian brand before, but I would definitely buy this mascara again. My only criticism is that it stings like hell if you get it in your eyes!


‘Class Act’ Mascara by Joan Collins Beauty (£20 at Amazon) – A volumising mascara that definitely adds fullness and definition to lashes. I love the beautiful vintage-style ribbed gold case, but I did find that the creamy formula gathered on the large brush rather too much, so I would recommend wiping any excess product off the brush first before applying, to avoid clumping. This formula promises to stimulate lash growth if used over a 30 day period, but I haven’t used it long enough yet to comment on this claim!


‘Roller Lash’ by Benefit (£22.50 at Look Fantastic) – My personal favourite, I’ve got through countless tubes of this mascara and I always keep the mini version in my make-up bag. This formula and brush to me is perfection. It’s a lengthening rather than a thickening mascara, and it really elongates and defines your lashes, while holding a curl. The almost spiky plastic brush makes clumping virtually impossible, so you get a very refined look. Although its not marketed as a water-proof mascara, I do find it to be a tough formula and it seems to be water-resistant, so it requires a good oil-based eye makeup remover to take it all off at night.


‘2000 Calorie Waterproof Volume’ by Max Factor (£9.99 at Look Fantastic) – I have a love/hate relationship with waterproof mascaras. They’re (obviously) absolutely necessary for bridal make-up, but they always have a waxy formula in order to make them resist tears, and I’ve yet to find a formula that gives me both the volume and the longevity that I want. I’ve found this classic drugstore mascara from Max Factor to be just as good as many more expensive options, but my quest will continue..!

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