How To Apply False Lashes!

How To Apply False Lashes!

False eyelashes are a really great way to add a feminine, romantic flutter to your eyes, which makes them ideal both for weddings or for a glam night out. Here are some tips about using false eyelashes so that they look convincing and natural:

(1) Buy your lashes from a lash specialist such as high street brands KISS or Eylure, or a more expensive niche brand such as Huda Beauty or Chelsea Beautique. My favourite lightweight strip lash, which I use a lot when doing bridal make-up, is the Eylure Naturals No.031, or try the brand new, multi-layered KISS Blooming Lash * (as shown above) for a fuller, fluffier look:

(2) Hold the lash against your eye to check the length, and then trim it carefully to the length of your own eye lashes, starting from the outer corner of the false lashes. This is a vital stage that many people skip, but it is essential to do this so that the false lashes don’t stick out at the sides of your eyes like wings and look really fake!

(3) Apply a thin, even line of glue to the lash band and allow it to go tacky for about 20-30 seconds, as this helps it to stick to your eyelid. The lash glue that you get in the packets is perfectly fine, but I prefer to use a tube of Duo Eyelash Adhesive in ‘Dark Tone’ as this gray glue shows less than white glue:

(4) Press the false lashes down firmly but gently along your lash line so that they stick properly, then open your eyes and adjust the angle of them carefully, while the glue is still drying.

NB. Applying lashes to yourself is actually quite tricky, so if in doubt, get a friend with a steady hand to help!

* Many thanks to Alex Silver PR for kindly sending me the KISS lashes to add to my kit

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