Bumble and Bumble ‘Pret-a-Powder’

Bumble and Bumble ‘Pret-a-Powder’

Bumble and Bumble is a professional hair styling range often used by catwalk session stylists, and they have some great (if very pricey) products. My personal favourite is ‘Pret-a-Powder’, is a pot of very finely milled dry shampoo, designed to perk up and freshen your hair.

I love the cute little pearlized bottle, which is perfect for travel, as its so lightweight – much lighter than carrying a heavy aerosol can! It has a lovely delicate scent which reminds me of baby powder and really makes your hair smell fresher, and it absorbs excess oil without making your roots feel itchy and look white and dusty (the main reason why many people dislike cheap dry shampoos).

It’s certainly not cheap, but it has made a great addition to my hair kit, and I always keep another bottle in my holiday bag to refresh my hair when I’m on the move!


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