Lash extensions by Flutter

Lash extensions by Flutter

Last month, I went to try out lash extensions for the first time, with the lovely Reanne David from Flutter ( Quite a few of my bridal clients have asked me whether I would recommend lash extensions, so I thought I’d better give them a whirl myself, so that I could answer them properly!

The process takes about one to three hours, depending on how many lashes you’re having added – you can have three levels of thickness, ‘Natural’, ‘Mascara’ or ‘Glamorous’.

The first stage of the process is that your lower eyelashes and upper eyelids are taped down with thin strips of micropore tape – this is to ensure that no glue gets in your eyes while the lashes are applied. Lying back on a table with my eyes taped shut made me feel quite queasy to be honest, but I got used to it after a little while.

The artificial lashes are then applied individually and glued to each of your natural lashes individually – as you can imagine, this is a very skillful, fiddly and time-consuming process, which is why this beauty treatment is fairly costly.

The lashes themselves are black and curled, so you get curved lashes that look like you’re permanently wearing black mascara, even when you’re wearing no make-up at all!

I think this treatment is ideal for girls who find putting lots of make-up on every day a bit of a chore, as having fuller lashes instantly makes you look more polished and more ‘awake’. Although I must say, the lashes tended to tangle up (especially when wet), and looked much better when combed through with mascara.

They’re also perfect for brides who want lush lashes, but are worried¬†about wearing false eyelashes on their wedding day, in case they fall off when they cry!

I wouldn’t recommend them so much for girls who like to wear lots of eye make-up, including eyeliner etc, on a daily basis, simply because you shouldn’t use an oil-based eye makeup remover on lash extensions as it can loosen the glue and cause them to come off.

I removed my eye make-up with micellar cleansing water very carefully at night, taking care not to rub, and my lash extensions lasted about six weeks in total, which is pretty good. I lost about one extension a day on each side.

If you’d like to know more, check out their website at

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