Fragrances for Winter

Fragrances for Winter

I love to discover a rich and warming perfume for winter nights…here are four that I’ve tried lately (L-R):

‘Mitsouko’ by Guerlain

An all-time French classic, this is a very complex and sophisticated chypre fragrance with notes of rose, peach, vetiver and oakmoss. The mossy element reminds me of forests, and it has a comforting, old-fashioned quality. One for vintage lovers:

‘Roberto Cavalli’

A much more modern floral fragrance, this one is very sweet and sexy, with notes of orange blossom, tonka bean and vanilla.  It smells lovely at first, but sadly it faded quickly on me:

‘Erotique’ by Dita von Teese

I wanted to love this as I think Dita is fabulous, but it’s just weird in my opinion. It’s supposed to be smoky, spicy and leathery, but I found it just didn’t seem to have any real depth and faded very quickly. Lovely bottle though!

‘Angel’ by Thierry Mugler

Definitely a love/hate fragrance, ‘Angel’ is definitely unusual and addictive, with notes of fruit, honey, vanilla, chocolate and caramel. It is very powerful though, and can be cloying, so don’t apply too much..! Again, a stunning bottle for your dressing table or display shelf:

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